What the papers said

Towards Zero

From the first note of the opening music of Agatha Christies's Towards Zero the audience sat spellbound. This is the second of three productions in the Marlowe Theatre season and if the final production, which will be performed by the same cast, is executed as well the audience is in for a treat.
Kent Gazette

Sound of Murder

Atmosphere and excitement are compelling because John Bromley directs at a cracking pace right through to the unexpected denouement.
The Stage

Veronica's Room

This is a terrifying game which keeps you enthralled, and the realisation of just what is going on sends an icy chill down your spine. This is a brilliant, horrific story, so tautly written that it's power to appal increases the more one thinks about it. Marvellous stuff for thriller lovers.
Croydon Advertiser

Spiders Web

This production, the second of the summer season of four thrillers, is admirably tense . . . There are also laughs, an excellent set in which to portray 1950's country-house niceties and a cast well able to act as a foil to the spirited spinner of tales.
Darlington & Stockton Times

The Small Hours

. . . It all builds nicely to a frustatingly cunning finale. The cast guide us through this maelstrom with all the assured skills of mastery mystery mariners.
Darlington Evening Gazette

. . . The Francis Durbridge thriller The Small Hours has intrigue and mystery. The cast keeps up the tension throughout the play . . .It all takes place in the attractive living room of the Orchard Hotel and the direction ensures that the action never falters.
Eastbourne Gazette

Towards Zero

Oooh gasped the audience as the curtain fell for the interval. Last night's crowd was on the edge of its seat as they will be again next week, no doubt, for the second half of the Grand's Christie season.
Yorkshire Evening Post